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Corporate Power Launches US Desktops To Help Clients With Cloud Services

New York, NY, February 1, 2024 – Corporate Power is pleased to announce the launch of US Desktops. The new division will help clients who may need to create and implement a cloud strategy; to implement, monitor and support a public cloud solution; to put a customized private cloud environment in place; to establish a cloud-based business continuity and disaster recovery program; or to assess and strengthen cloud security.

“Our clients are increasingly making use of the cloud in their IT operations. While using the cloud can solve many IT challenges, using it effectively requires making numerous decisions correctly for the organization,” says Ajay Khanna, Corporate Power CEO. “We established US Desktops to help businesses and non-profits just starting to explore use of the cloud, those facing migration to the cloud, and those who are already using it and want to achieve better results.”

Companies and non-profit organizations using US Desktops can achieve numerous benefits through cloud computing, such as the ability for staff to work from anywhere, and easily share data across offices. With a single monthly fee for all cloud services, they can eliminate capital expenses for hardware and software, and breakdown charges by cost center. They can eliminate data storage on potentially vulnerable devices and achieve comprehensive data security for cloud virtual desktops. Secure backups and updates will be automated to meet the client’s schedule. Clients are offered the option to keep a replica of their cloud data at their own site.

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About Corporate Power

As computing equipment (desktops, laptops and mobile devices) has become cheaper and easier to use, IT business requirements — compliance, redundancy, remote access, security, and business continuity — have become more complex and expensive to manage. Corporate Power, founded in 1994, helps clients address this complexity, offering the benefits of Fortune 500 expertise at an affordable cost.

We design customized IT solutions that meet the needs of your mid-sized organization, whether a single site or multi-location/multi-national. We do what it takes to achieve your goals, from project support for IT executives, to determining the right technology to support the whole business for the CEO/CFO who doesn’t have time to worry about it.

We use highly qualified engineers because mid-sized organizations need to solve the same complex problems as larger companies. With offices in New York City, we attract outstanding technical professionals. This pool of talent allows us to provide enterprise-grade consulting and cloud services, in North America, Europe, and Asia.


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