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If you do everything right with cybersecurity, no one notices. But if there’s a problem, everyone notices.

Data breaches damage customer trust. Hacked websites injure your reputation and may interfere with sales or client services. Backup failures can close your business down.

It pays to pay attention to computer security. Corporate Power can take that weight off you.

There’s a lot more to security than making sure you have the latest anti-malware. For example, just setting up and monitoring security-associated alerts can be a huge time sink. There are more than 250 potential types of alerts on a firewall alone! Someone needs to identify the three-quarters that can be safely turned off.

Default security settings are at best a compromise that doesn’t fit anyone. Corporate Power will help you reach the “Goldilocks standard” in security—settings that are “just right” for your organization. With the complexity of today’s systems, you need expert security support to customize security to your unique needs.

Corporate Power assures that:

  • You have the latest versions of operating systems and software, with the latest bug repairs and protection against cyber “exploits”

  • Firewalls are turned on, alerts are appropriately set, and responsibility for responding to alerts is clear

  • If you are using public cloud systems, security capabilities are available (they aren’t always), turned on and properly configured

  • Communications between cloud servers (if any) and your devices are encrypted

  • Appropriate data access policies are established, and the system requires strong passwords changed at specified intervals

  • All machines are automatically backed-up as required, to minimize the risk of data loss

If you are in the healthcare, finance or retail industries and require extra security, we can provide it. We also offer the option of two-factor authentication via smartphone, in addition to user ID and password, for greater security.

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