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How secure is your IT system? Can unauthorized people get at your data, or change data you have stored? A risk assessment of your full IT setup identifies any security vulnerabilities so they can be addressed and remediated.

Whether you need a risk assessment because of internal concerns, HIPAA or PCI mandates, or requirements for cybersecurity insurance, you need expert, honest assistance. Corporate Power can complete a full evaluation, work with you to develop a remediation plan, and perform the work to implement that plan, if desired.

We will:

  • Interview your key executives/senior managers.

  • Create a list of systems and categorize them, determining how each is being used, what systems are mission-critical, and the impact on the organization if a system is not operational.

  • Identify potential solution options (e.g. policies, required capabilities) and work you’re your leadership team to analyze their implications within the organization.

  • Recommend a coherent set of solutions that fit with your organizational needs and establish phasing of implementation if appropriate.

  • Implement as much of the solution set as mutually agreed.

In some situations, a mini-assessment may be appropriate. While less extensive, it still will often reveal a need for improvement on basic security provisions.

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