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Over the years, desktops and laptops have become cheaper and easier to use, but business requirements—server, network, and security equipment and software—have become more complex and expensive to address. Corporate Power offers the benefits of Fortune 500 IT expertise at an affordable cost.

Corporate Power, founded in 1994, designs customized IT solutions that meet the needs of your mid-sized organization, whether a single site or multi-location/multi-national. We do what it takes to achieve your goals, from project support for IT executives to determine the right technology to support the whole business for the CEO/CFO who doesn’t have time to worry about it. We are one of the few Microsoft Certified partners to focus on this size and kind of firm.

We use highly qualified engineers because mid-sized organizations need to solve the same problems and address similar complexities as large companies. With offices in New York City and Austin Texas, we attract outstanding technical professionals. This pool of talent allows us to provide enterprise-grade consulting and cloud services, in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Corporate Power has developed technology relationships with numerous vendors to provide high-quality IT services to its customers.

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