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Cybersecurity For A Private School

Client Profile

A 300-student private day school.


The school wanted a unified security solution for its servers and network. They needed to be sure that parent and student users could access appropriate information through its outward-facing systems, while its internal finance and operating systems remained secure. They also wanted to filter web traffic and protect the computers that the students used to access a cloud-based instruction-related system.


Corporate Power upgraded the client’s network firewall to included advanced threat protection. We implemented a centralized security solution that protected servers and workstations and enabled the IT administrator to cost-effectively monitor and manage security internally.


Business Impact

The IT administrator and management are assured that the school’s cybersecurity protection has been modernized and that it can combat the level of security risk faced by educators and students when using technology today. The IT administrator can easily monitor security, and produce reports to demonstrate to school administrators, teachers, and parents that the school’s security systems actively detect and defend against a variety of cybersecurity threats.

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